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This disk is intended to be used in conjunction with the 1996 edition of Ken Rowe's The Postal History and Markings of the Forwarding Agents to help you find an agent if the marking is unclear or you do not know the city.

If you want to find Hartmann but don't know he is in London and say the H is unclear you can search for artmann, etc. The city heads are all cap. Most internet browsers and word processors have search functions.

When you have a match you need to scroll up to find the City. You should repeat your search as the same name or part name may also be in other agents names and or other cities. Now you can go to the book and find additional information.

A number of agents names are repeated, one under another, this means that the book lists different markings having the same basic wording.


We suggest the HTML files as it is the easiest to use and the most attractive, the listings are numbered and the cities highlighted, it can be read with a web browser, often off line, and will permit you to do various searches.

This data file is fa.htm with the explanatory material in fai.htm. If you access this from the floppy disk in Drive A you can switch between fa.htm and fai.htm in the document just as you would on line. If you load these files into a directory you will have to call each up thus: C:\directory name\fa.htm and C:\directory name\fai.htm separately. You could also change the coding in these files to be appropriate to your system.


The below two data files can be imported into various word processors with the appropriate import filters and used per the above.
  1. FA.RFT IBM's Reversible Form Text, works with: Microsoft Word 6
  2. FA.DOC IBM's Display Write, Our favorite word processor, works with: AmiPro 3.1, DeScribe, XyWrite for Windows
Either file can also be brought up in Word Perfect 6.0 for Dos and most likely other word processors. To make it easier to find the cities each is proceeded by >---< .


The search file is available from our home page under FORWARDING AGENTS. You may have problems loading because of the file size.

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