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England & The British Isles plus a few items on the Empire, Please see:Other Countries for many listings on the British Empire. Also please see: Specialty Presses for Chevril, Stuart Rossiter Trust and Proud listings.

New and Used, single copies only, added 4/16/2017

GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings


John Parmenter & Ken Gordon

A completely new version of Parmenter's 1993 book, incorporating the text by the late Rev C.S. Morton, 150 illustrations of covers in color, all markings illustrated and a value indicated, 2016, 398 pages, hard bound, $135.00

The Mulready Postal Stationer

Its Genesis, Production and Usage

by Alan Huggins & Alan Holyoake

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London, Can't say more, the title says it all, 2016, 212 pages, cloth with dj, full color, $60.00

The World's First Postage Stamp

by Alan Holyoake

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London, The "Penny black" (Plates 1, 1a, 1b and 2) and 2d blue (Plate 1), along with the "red" prints from the 1d plate are all that are shown. The latter completes the picture of the progression of repair to the 1d plate. Uses, shades and varieties of both denominations available in the earliest years of philately add spice to the presentation. 2016, 160 pages, full color, cloth with dj, $40.00

UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961

by James Bendon

A complete revision and expansion of the 1988 volume however there is no pricing guide.

Specimen Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain by Marcus Samuel & Alan Huggins 1980, 254 pages, cloth, with dj, only one copy availble, $125.00

Specimen Stamps of the Crown Colonies by Marcus Samuel

Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790 to 1935 Banknotes and Postage Stamps

by Gary Granzow

Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790 to 1935 Banknotes and Postage Stamps

by Gary Granzow

The first major work on engraving postage stamps since Jamex Baxter's 1939 book; Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving, Yes, it is on the nature of the engraving and not on specific stamps. An original approach to the research and understanding of line engraving on steel and the security printing it made possible. While much of the focus is on the evolution of line engraving in the UK, the findings apply to line engraving in general. Previously students have studied thousands of stamps and dated envelopes to deduce how the stamps were made and why they appear as they do. Gary has traced the development of engraving on steel, the mechanics of design transfer, hardening, inks, perforation and plate repair from 1790 to 1935 by studying primary sources and patents. Using this approach, he has made several basic discoveries and corrected a number of erroneous conclusions in the literature. .

2012, 360 pages, 181 illustrations, many in color, cloth, 2012, originally published £50 plus postage of £26, reduced to , most unusual that such a book has a price reduction and we bought another quantity, $85.00

The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society to 1920


Vincent West

A library association of a number of Universities at Oxford with benefits until the 1840's of free postage and stationery, overprinted stamps, good history and philately. 2012, 54 pages, in color, card, published 15£ + transit, $40.00

War Tax Stamps of the British Empire First World War

The West Indies

by John G. M. Davis

2009, by the RPSL, 400+12 pages, cloth with dj, $135.00

2008, 10+358 pages, in color, cloth with dj from the Royal Philatelic Society, published £60 + £18 transit to the US, $135.00

John Parmenter

We are now stocking in limited quantities and can always drop ship from the US charging the actual postage.

London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930, 2002, Well illustrated, 85+6 pages, 33 tables, 20£, $46.00

French African Airmails 1932 to 1940 Gerard Collot and Alain Cornu, Weill illustrated, 2013, 272 pages, paper case Binding published 25£, $59.00

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales by John Parmenter, Cedric Prys-Roberts and Ken Smith, the contents and appearance are tremendously better than his first versions from 1975, etc. individual volumes are 35 £ plus transit

The King George VI, Large Key Tupe

Revenue and Postage High Values Stamps 1937-1953

by Eric Yendall

2008, 358+10 pages, cloth with dj, published by the RPSL, $135.00

Stamp Perforation:

The Somerset House Years 1848 to 1880

by Ray Simpson & Peter Sargeant

An excellent work on the evolution of stamp perforation giving many details on the operation of the equipment and the effect of machine ware and operation on the stamps. 2007, 370 + 16 pages, from the RPSL, 2015 printing, identical in all respects except for the publication date, $176.00

Encyclopedia of

The Maltese Cross Cancellations of Great Britain and Ireland by Professor S. David Rockoff & Mike Jackson

King Edward VII One Penny Manual by Terry Pusterla

2009, 210+12 pages, card, extensively illustrated, £35.00 plus postage UK $5.50, Europe £8.00 and US £14.50, $75.00

Collecting British Square Circle Postmarks

Second Edition by Stanley F. Cohen, Maurice Barette, John Hine and A.M. Williams. An excellent expansion from the first edition in 1987 totaling 429 pages, better printing and more to each page, detailed listings and indexed, reference number, type, series, rarity factor of office and of actual marking, the earliest and latest known usages by month, day and year for each marking, all are illustrated including proof strikes when known, the edition is only 250 sets.

The Dublin Find by Don Madden and Karl Louis

A detailed study of a major find of the 1840 GB 1 & 2 p stamps, the V.R. sheet and Mulready envelops at the Dublin post office in 1904, the disposal of the stamps, the political ramifications and the surviving stamps, well illustrated. It is sub titled "The most important stamp find in GB philately 2006, 45+6+12 pages, card, published at £15 plus transit, $33.50

The London Philatelist, Archival Edition 1892-2005

All 114 volumes of the journal excluding advertising, 20,000 articles. A major world philatelic journal of the first quality. All digitized and set up to be searched, on CDs (not DVDs) so they will run on most PCs and MAC if having PC emulation, uses an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files, one self loading installation CD, 12 CDs in all. priced for UK delivery £185, for Europe £186 and for the rest of the world £160, yes it is less in the US as we don't have to pay the VAT, US delivery from a stock, $335.00

The Royal Philatelic Society London 1869-1969 An excellent history of the society and listing of publications, 1969, 192 pages, cloth in blue, only one copy available $65.00

British Postage Stamps of the 19th Century by Robson Lowe Published by the National Postal Museum, The Brookman for British Stamps.

Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain by David Alderfer & Larry RosenblumA good general work, 2004, 240+8 pages, card, $28.50

James Chalmers Inventor of the adhesive Postage Stamp by W. J. Smith and J. E. Metcalfe, 1970, 148 + pages, facsimiles tipped in, cloth with dj, 47.50

Madame Joseph Revisited by Brian Cartwright FRPSL. A major expansion over the original work published in 1994 and now long out of print. A well produced booklet in a limited edition. For details please see: Madame Joseph, 2005, 96 pages, in color, hardback with dj, ring binder with 40 transparent overlays in custom stepped slip case, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of London, published at £49 plus £16 postage;delivered to a US mailing address, $132.50

The Royal Philatelic Collection by Sir John Wilson Bt, 440 pages, 12 color plates and 60 b&w plates, exceptional color plates, fine paper, superb black and white illustrations

The Queen's Stamps by Nicholas Courtney

The story of the formation and continuation of The World's Greatest Stamp Collection. A beautifully book, color illustrations, but it is in no way just a "picture book" as it has much background information on both the collection and the actual stamp production. The text is well worth reading, enjoyable, informative and scholarly. Please see: Queen's Stamps, 2004, 337+14 pages, cloth with dj, published £25 plus transit, $39.95

Royal Mail, The Post Office since 1840 by M. J. Daunton The new history commissioned by the British Post Office, their last such work was Howard Robinson's magnificent 1953 work. This work centers on the administration and personnel with it's strong points being the 1870 to 1920 period, a new perspective, enjoyable to read and useful. 1985, 406 pages, cloth, sorry, sold out

The British Post Office A History by Howard Robinson, 1948, 467 + 17 pages, cloth with dj, one copy available, $42.50

The Inland Posts 1392 - 1672, A Calendar of Historical Documents Edited by J. W. M. Stone and published by Christie's Robson Lowe. The true foundations of the post, Stages for the Standing Posts, Undertakers ie Dockwra, Henry Bishop, 1660 Act, 1666-70 Roads, Branches and Mileages, and many more, however it assumes the reader has a good knowledge of the 17th century. 1987, 342 pages, cloth with dj, $52.50

William Dockwra and the Rest of the Undertakers by T. Todd, The story of the London Penny Post 1680-1682, 1952, 156 pages + 38 plates, cloth with dj, limited stock please enquire first, $150.00

The Development of European Forwarding Agents by Patrick Frost The Corsini and Venturini archive finds, not in 1984 Rowe FA book. 1987, 16 pages, self cover, $15.00 Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601 by Robson Lowe Letters are from all over Europe, 3rd find of the Corsini correspondence. A readable and enjoyable account, good historical background. 1988, 44 pages, card $22.50

Royal Reform by Charles W. Goodwyn and from the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. The great British postal reform between 1837 and 1841, this book is based on material in the Royal Philatelic Collection. 1999, 127 pages, 24 pages in color, 80 b&w illustrations, card, £35, $64.00

London Letter Receivers 1652 - 1857 by Hugh Feldman A study of 506 London Receiving houses; location, handstamps, colors, dates, etc., 1998, 831 pages, two volumes, 4 maps in pocket, slip case £65+transit, $160.00

Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era, 1837 to 1864 The definitive account, a massive two volume published during Stamp Show 2000 by The Royal Philatelic Society of London, edition of 650, numbered. Excellent color illustrations of the 1840 ink and paper experimental printings. 2000, 1,304 pages, two volumes, published £150.00 plus £39 for postage, out of print, enquire first, $450.00

The Postage Stamps of Great Britain , from the Royal Philatelic Society of London

The Penny Post 1680 - 1918 by Frank Staff History of the evolution of the postal system and the fight for lower rates, many markings and covers are illustrated, well written.

Great Britain, Acts of Parliament relating to The Post Office from 1710 to 1844. A quality reprint in the original form of the unrepealed acts, authorized by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, done in the early 1980's, hand bound by Grace in ¼ leather, edition of 300 sets, new condition

Great Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes by Alan Huggins and Edward Klempka, a detailed illustrated listing of the various imprints, illustrations of the full covers and a census of the known covers, 2013, 99+17 pages, published by the RPSL at 39£ plus transit, $85.00

The Evolution of British Stamped Postcards & Letter Cards by H. Dagnall An excellent study and a fine addition to Alan Huggins works. Useful and good reading, the history and usage. 1985, 258 pages, cloth $27.50

The Mulready Advertisements by Malcolm G. Lowe This study covers only the advertisements. 1983, 300 pages, 230 illustrations, 500, limited stock, cloth $85.00

British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century by Bodily, Jarvis and Hahn
A beautifully book, fine black and white illustrations, plus 32 pages in full color. The text is worth reading, enjoyable, informative and scholarly. We apologized for the quality of the above image, the book is much better. 1986, 340 pages, cloth, from the Collectors Club of Chicago $65.00

Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P. C. Litchfield

Penny Black Plates by Edward B. Proud1985, 264 pages, cloth, sold out

Twopence Blue Studies of Plates 1 to 15 by H. Osborne, 1946, cloth, $225.00 enquire first

May Dates, a survey of Penny Blacks, Twopenny Blues, Mulreadys and Characters used during May 1840 by Mike Jackson A detailed study of the first issue documenting the covers and postal history, far more than just a listing of known covers, fascinating. 1999, 6+334+20, extensively illustrated and annotated, one copy available $95.00

Penny Red Stars, Die II Alphabet III (Plates 22 to 68, R.17) 1855-1862 by G. C. Tonna with Part 2 edited by Don Madden Arranged by corner letters, and then by plate, easy to use and definitive.

The Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red by David Goldsmith & Robert Danzig, 1991, 168 pages, cloth with dj, only one copy available $42.50

British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions, 1855-1879, One Penny Die II by Dr. W. R. D. Wiggins, published by Robson Lowe Extensively illustrated with full size and enlarged illustrations, well annotated and printed on a heavy paper. Each copy is hand numbered but signed on plate, well printed on good paper, edition of 300. 1982, 340 pages, 1 sheet addenda, cloth [limited stock], $180.00

Royal Household Mail by Glenn H. Morgan Starts with the reign of King John in 1199 to date but I suspect there isn't much of interest until at least the 17th Century. Covers the various postal markings of the residences both hand based and on trains, airplanes and yachts. 1992, 218 pages, card, edition of 300, enquire before ordering, $60.00

Handbook of British Perfins by John S. Nelson A history illustrating official documents and early examples. 1988 corrected reprint of 1967 booklet, 32 pages, card $22.50

Great Britain Commemorative Labels, by Chris Chatfield Illustrated and priced catalog of pre-1950 Commemorative Labels for GB, Northern Ireland and pre 1922 Southern Ireland covering motor shows, sports event, charity fund raisings, advertising, fairs, air shows, propaganda, souvenir, etc. 1991, 172 pages, card, $25.00

Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland 1891-1947 by Rev. R. A. de Lacy-Spencer. Well done, the stamps are well illustrated, described and catalogued and priced, the rail lines are described with maps 2000, 108 pages, edition of 750 copies, pub £20 + postage, sold out

Herewith My Frank, Second Edition by J. W. Lovegrove An exceptional work on FREE markings and there usages. A fine expansion of the first edition published in 1975. The standard work. Hold onto your 1st edition, the "O" code mystery is different. 1990, 140 pages plus one page Sept. 1990, 13th addenda, cloth, $47.50

The Franking System in the Post Office 1652-1840 by Dr. Frank Bottomley The Society of Postal Historians, the author's collection showing numerous variations of FREE mail that can be collected from charities to forgery to rejected free to the military in addition to the MP's, etc. 1988, 201 pages, plastic bound, $32.50

Great Britain, Official Franking 1800-1840 by J. G. S. Scott History, background and primary regulations, a fundamental study for the serious collector and student. 1983, 80 pages, card, $20.00

Ship Letter Stamps of Liverpool by Alan W. Robertson An old but most useful compilation, well illustrated with 86 markings. 1953, 12 pages, self cover, $5.00

Three Centuries of Scottish Posts

Three Centuries of Scottish Posts by A. R. B. Haldane A historical survey of the Posts from the early 1600's to 1836 published by Edinburgh University Press. A readable and scholarly book in the form of the recent work on the early US mails by Richard John Spreading the News from the Harvard University Press. We are pleased to have purchased all remaining copies of this fine work which permits a small reduction in price. Recommended for collectors of early US and British covers. 1971, 351 pages plus two maps in pocket, with dj, $27.50

Post Office Notices extracted from The London Gazette 1666 to 1800 by Haslam and Moreton Well indexed though the index takes a bit of getting used to. 1989, 196 pages, plastic cover $32.50

England and Wales, A List of the Principal Post and Sub-Post Towns 1981, 7 sheets, bond paper, facsimile reprint of January 1, 1793 list, $12.00

Local Posts of London 1680-1840 by George Brumell Second edition of 1938 book, 91 pages, cloth $17.50

Great Britain The Stamps of the Circular Delivery Companies and their Forgeries by C. G. Harman A detailed and fascinating study of both the authentic and fake stamps, catalog values for both are given, some fakes are quite scarce. 1990, 64 pages, card, Cinderella Stamp Club Handbook No. 7, sold out

Farthing Delivery, A Fight For Cheaper Postage by Dr. Donald Patton A history of the Circular Delivery Company and the stamps. 1960, 55 pages, card $15.00

British County Catalogue

The British County Catalogue of Postal History by R. M. Willcocks & B. Jay This standard set on stampless markings is now under revision, Vol 1 & 2 have been updated and published as a single volume. The standard data along with a rarity factor for pricing.

Wiltshire and its Postmarks by Dr. John Siggers An exceptional work covering all facets of the subject, 4,234 markings of which 2,921 are illustrated from 1705 to 1982, 52 maps, 13 town plans, covers, history, illustrations, etc. An excellent guide to GB markings for any period and area. 1982, 736 pages, card but with sewn signatures, edition of 500, $70.00

History of the Post in Derby 1635-1941 by Harold S. Wilson A detailed listing of the 435 markings plus numerous historic references and notes relating to Derby and the post. 1990, 296 pages, card $45.00

Keeping in Touch - Communications through county Kildare before 1860 by N. Morrin 1998, 10+182 pages, card, published £25, $46.00

England's Postal History with notes on Scotland, Wales & Ireland by Willcocks 1975, 167 pages, cloth

The Sideways Duplex Cancellations of England & Wales by Traill & Holland 1975, 27 pages, card $14.50

Undated Postmarks of Wales 1840 to 1860 by Roger Broomfield Publshed in conjunction with the Welsh Philatelic Society 1996, 124 pages, 6 covers in color, card, published £10, $18.50

Postal History of Great Britain and Ireland by Willcocks & Jay The above is the history, this is a catalog and stampless pricing guide.

Scots Local Cancellations, Illustrated, 1854-1860 by R. C. Alcock Scottish cancellations bearing town names, complete and attractive study of these popular markings, scarcity guide and postmaster compensations. 1984, 124 pages, sewn signature but card binding

Unpaid and Underpaid Mail 1840 to 1921 in England and Wales by Johnson 1982, 32 pages, card, illustrates 483 charge marks, $3.50

Great Britain Used Abroad, Cancellations and Postal Markings by John Parmenter The cancellations used on 19th century GB stamps in foreign and colonial post offices plus the crowned circles and consular post. Markings are well illustrated, described and priced, good background information. 1993, 344+28 pages, cloth, a useful book, sold out

Early Forces Mail by Professor Barrie Jay British from the 1500's through the 1700's 1997, 57+12+4 pages, 57 illustrations, some in full color, published £20, $37.50

British Post Offices in the Far East by Edward B. Proud Covers China, Japan, Macao, Thailand and Pacific Mail Routes, Mostly 1840 - 1890 but some to 1930. This is Proud's best produced volume, he is breaking with his reputation of publishing scarce research but poorly proofed, organized, printed and bound. On this volume printing is almost acceptable and the organization and appearance is tremendously improved from his previous volumes, we like it. 1991, 551 pages, cloth, most useful, $100.00

United Kingdom Letter Rates Inland and Overseas 1635 to 1900 by Colin Tabeart 2003, second edition, 264+8 pages, cloth, published £50 pounds plus transit, long out of print

Combination Mail of British Post Offices Abroad, An Introductory Survey by Geoff Kellow A beautiful little study, we hope the words An Introductory Survey means a larger work will be forthcoming. A study of the rates and a listing of rarity factors ranging from C for over 50 known to RRRR for 1 to 3 examples. Covers the World from Argentina to Venezuela plus two shipping companies. 1992, 48 pages, card bound $32.50, sold out

Domestic and International Postal Rates and Fees by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz These books are arranged in the same manner as his US works, the format is a white three ring binder with an attractive spine and front cover insert.

British Postal Rates 1937 to 2000 by Robert Johnson & Gordon Peet Covers all rates for the period and not just letter rates, by service, country and date. A tabulation of adhesive stamps by value giving the intended service and period of main use; at first I said why but a quick scan makes this quite evident, can't figure out a rate, add up the stamps and see what it corresponds to, etc. 2000, 164 pages, spiral wire binding

Naval Officer's Letters by Goeffrey Osborn, G.M. The Ship's Bag mail made up as bags on board Her Majesty's Ships, the Officers Concession 6d base rate, 1857-1869 and uniform rate after that. Bags were sealed to England, Cape Town and Hong Kong, etc. 1996, 134 pages, card, published £15, $28.50

Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire 1680-1900 by Robson Lowe 1940-41, 3rd edition, 330 pages, 1 fold out plate, advertising, cloth

British Stamps Used Abroad by Bernstein and Chas. Nissen It looks good and is certainly useful, the best general work on the subject in print, many markings illustrated, a few maps. 1987 reprint of 1907-09 articles, 48 pages, card $15.00

Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire by Henry H. Heins

British Post Office Numbers 1844-1906 by G. Brumell For GB Brumell is better than Heins as it covers London, Wales, Scotland, etc. 1979 printing, 138 pages, cloth, sold out

Prisoners of War in British Hands during WWI, A study of their history, the camps and their mails by Graham Mark, 2007, 258 pages, cloth, limited stock, $70.00

British Censorship of Civil Mails During World War I by Graham Mark A fascinating study, evidently even Picture Postcards to a Neutral Country were returned if they did not have a return address and there were special markings! 2000, 252+35 pages, card, $75.00

Nauru 1915 to 1923, A Study of the Adhesives of Great Britain overpirnted for use in Nauru by Keith Buckingham Published by the B.P.A. Expertising Educational Charity in an edition of 290 copies. A detailed study of the stamps, usages and forgeries, 2005, 114 pages, hard case binding, 8 photograph quality color plates, published at £35 plus transit, $85.00

Newspaper & Almanac Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland by Chandler & Dagnall An exceptional volume covering the history and collecting aspects of these stamps. For North America the Koeppel book is still the standard. 1981, 302 pages, 99 illustrations in text, 129 types, cloth $35.00

Stamps that Caused the American Revolution, Stamps of the 1765 British Stamp Act for America by Adolph Koeppel. An extremely fine study for both the history and philately, enjoyable to read. 1976, 193 pages, cloth, $35.00, with slight moisture problems $25.00

Newspaper Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe & John Chandler Describes the 273 dies made by Warren De La Rue between 1860 and 1870 to prepay postage on newspapers, magazines and periodicals. 1980, 12 pages, self cover, $3.25

United Kingdom Savings Stamps, Labels and Coupons by L. D. Jones 1979, 136 pages, card, Cinderella SC Handbook NO. 4, quite good, $12.50

Social and Economic Importance of Postal Reform in 1840 by D. Allam 1976, 28 pages, card, a minor study $3.75

Encyclopedia of British Revenue Stamps by Roger Booth The 3rd and current edition, covers England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Ireland and the Consular and Foreign Offices. A magnificent work, unfortunately the paper is a bit on the thin side. 1990, 797 pages, housed in special four ring binder $95.00

Document Trivia of Great Britain and Ireland, Official and Unofficial Designations on paper and parchment by W. A. Barber and A. F. Brown, 2007,

The Impressed Duty Stamps of Great Britain by Josef Schonfeld, W. A. Barber & A. Frank Brown All embossed non-adhesive of GB but not Ireland, 1998 revision of 1981 edition, 375 + 25 pages, plastic ring binding, a priced listing, $38.00, sold out

British Commonwealth Revenues by J. Barefoot

The Impressed Duty Stamps of the British Empire by W. A. Barber The embossed non-adhesive fiscal stamps of over 75 areas of the former British Commonwealth from Alderney to Zanzibar. 1998, 164 + 18 pages, card, plastic ring binding, sold out

The Stamp Duty of Great Britain and Ireland by Samuel B. Frank and Josef Schonfeld

The Impressed Duty Stamps of Ireland by W. A. Barber and A. Frank Brown Covers the dies from 1774 through 1921 and the decimalization in 1971. 2004, 2nd edition, the first appeared in 1974, 138 + 30 pages, $22.50

Creating a Good Impression, three hundred years of The Stamp Office and stamp duties by H. Dagnall Informative and well illustrated, 1994, 122 pages, cloth with dj, new, only 2 copies available $87.50


Both our CROWN COLONIES and OTHER COUNTRIES headings are misleading as you will find many CROWN COLONIES related items under GREAT BRITAIN and also many major CROWN COLONIES titles are under OTHER COUNTRIES. Please check related headings when searching for any subject.

Stuart Rossiter Postal History Journal Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund of the UK, a quality journal devoted to postal history, mostly GB and the Empire.

Encyclopedia of the Empire

Encyclopedia of the Empire by Robson Lowe


Perkins Bacon Records by Percy de Worms, published by the Royal Philatelic Society London, 1953, 867 + 28 pages, cloth, only one copy, $350.00

De La Rue History of British & Foreign Postage Stamps 1855-1901 by Easton 1958, 846 pages, cloth, a fundamental work on G.B. and printing, only one copy available, $175.00

The De La Rue Key Plates by Robson Lowe 1979, 36 pages, card, a fine study of the proofs, $7.50

The De La Rue Punch Book by Robson Lowe 1987, 24 pages, self cover, RPS London, enquire should have one

Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons, Part 1 by Colin Fraser and Robson Lowe Covers Great Britain and the Empire to 1960. 1985, 124 pages, well illustrated and annotated, card, $25.00

The Royal Image, Stamp Portraits of British Monarchs by L. E. Young 1987, 84 pages, card, Cockrill booklet No. 51, $12.00

The Watson Postcards by Robson Lowe Watson produced catalogs in 1889 and 1891, this monograph describes those that were of interest, for GB this is the stamped to order, many others! 1990, 24 pages, self cover $9.00


Channel Islands, Stamps and Postal History by William Newport 1972, 224 pages, cloth, $18.50

Isle of Man, Stamps and Postal History by Dr. J. T. Whitney 1981 printing, 1978 edition, 324 pages, 1,200 illustrations, cloth $32.00

French Islands by O. W. Newport and J. T. Whitney Postal markings of Chausey, Mont Saint-Michel, Bréhat, Ushant (Ouessant), Belle Isle, Ile de Ré and Ile d'Oléron; also hotel cachets. 1981, 94 pages, 376 illustrations, card, $22.50

Chavril Press

We are pleased to be able to stock the Chavril Press titles in the US at prices that are most favorable.

These small booklets have the essence of the subject. They do not contain the depth of the major studies but they do make fine quick references and introductions to the fields, in many cases they supply all that is wanted. Unless otherwise noted all are authored by C. R and A. M. Entwistle. They often contain a valuation guide.

Our friends in the UK should order direct from the publisher: Chavril Press, Bloomfield, Perth Road, Abernethy, Perth, Scotland PH2 9LW

The British Army Post Office in Conflict & Crisis Situations 1946 - 1982 by Charles Entwistle, comes complete with a 'Priced Checklist' for FPOs, 25 events are detailed however because of the size the Korean War and the protracted guerrilla wars in Cyprus, Malaya and Kenya are not covered, 2005, 36 pages, card, published £10.00 plus transit, $20.00

World War I in East Africa: Civil Censorship by Regis Hoffman 2001, 24 pages, card, £6.50, $13.00

A Priced Catalogue of British Army & Field Post Offices by C. R and A. M. Entwistle Laid out by APO/FPO numbers giving the theatre of operation and dates

The Post & Censor & Other Marks From Prisoners of War Letters 1914-1919 by F. J. Carter, edited by M. Russell The first edition was in 1932 and the second was never sold commercially thus this third edition is most welcome.

Wartime Airmails:

A Priced Checklist of Indian Base & Field PO 1914-1924 Massive, Indian troops were used in Aden, Dardeanelles, East Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, France, Belgium, Mesopotamia, etc. 1999, 20 pages, card, UK £6.00, $12.00

A Catalogue of Indian Censorship 1914-1920 by Alan Baker Covers both Civil and also Prisoner of War and Internee censorship Over 100 censor markings are illustrated complete with scarcity guide. 1994, 32 pages, card, UK £10.00, $20.00

British Empire Civil Censorship Devices, World War II, Trinidad and Tobago by Wike Development and organization of the censor stations, the markings, labels, seals, permits, instructional markings and security devices, also covers censor numbers allocated to Jamaica and Bermuda. 1994, 80 pages, card, UK £15.00, $30.00

Hospital Barges in France- Correspondence from a nursing Sister, with the British Expeditionary Force, during World War 1 by P.L. High. 1993, 20 pages, card, a fine little bit of history, UK £3.50, $6.00

Censorship in the Royal Air Force 1918 to 1956 by N. Colley and W. Garrard Mostly WW2, 62 types by design, arranged by geographic and recorded period, also covers RAF mail not handled by the Army PS, historic background, 1500 censors recorded by country, partial cross index, rarity factors. 1993, 76 pages, large format, card, UK £17.50, $35.00

History of the RAF Postal Service Overseas 1942-1957 by W. Garrard

Undercover Addresses of World War II, Revised Edition, C. R and A. M. Entwistle. This work covers mailing addresses that permitted communication between the Axis powers and the Allies and also to conceal the identity and or location of those involved. Many things used such addresses such as the Box numbers for the Manhattan Project, addresses on mail from the Netherlands to Portugal to be sent to London, etc. etc.

French Somali Coast, Postal History 1939-45 by A. R. Torrance 1992, 24 pages, card UK £5.50, $11.00

An Introduction to German Censorship 1939-45 Various censor stations established in both Germany and occupied Europe. 1991, 12 pages, card, UK £3.00, out of print

Civil Censorship in Australia & Dependencies 1939-1945 by J. C. Smith 1991, 48 pages, card, UK £8.50, $17.00

Ceylon - Its Postal History 1914-19, with value guide 1990, 12 pages, card UK £2.00, one copy left, $5.50

A Brief Outline of the British Army Postal Service during World War I 1990, 32 pages, card UK £2.00, all the main theatres, $4.00

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